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Painting and Art Design are not the only subjects which Mona is practicing in her present career.At her leisure,she is fond of traveling.The focus is to have each and every unforgettable moment kept in one's memory,which deserves her own individual characteristics.Although she is in the States for merely a year,yet her footprints were found on American soil more than many natives.What she tries to decribe is marvellous,exciting and full of humor.

As a teenager,she already walked on areas,covering almost half of China's territories.Her snapshots can well describe the previous civilaisation of Ancient China.

This Chapter is classified into 4 different sections, each outlining a different kind of travel experience. Those articles marked with a asterisk is asking for your special attention. These travelling documents are explained in Chinese; all you have to do is to change your browser---view---Encoding to be Chinese simplkified GB2312 code to show the correct language.

          —— Jim Morris


p.s. All the photos taken were her own works,with the help of the tripod.








When you open the essay links,Please change your browser---view---Encoding to be Chinese simplkified GB2312 code to show the correct language.






·Helicopter in Big Island     
·Deep sea fishing between Hawaii and Australia     
·Snorkel diving and Training dolphin
·International Balloon Fiesta     
·Spelunking into the Black Cave
·Villa in that forest
·Lord of the rings  
·Training horsemanship in NM
·Navy Chief Retirement Ceremony
·Wine festival
·USTA (American tennis association)
·Play Golf in Hawaii' Big Island
·The first day (Time Share)
·The second day (Condominium)
·Hilton Waikoloa Village super 5p hotel 
·Car show in the King shopping Center
·Mauna hotel in Hawaii
·Kilauea Lodge near Volcano National Park
·Window shopping in Kona city in Hawaii
·Luau in Hawaii' Big Island
·Meet an amazing thing in the virgin forest
·Volcano under the seabed and lava tube    
·Volcano House and Hawaii cultural festival
·All titles of this trip in Hawaii
·Southwest of America     Map
·Arches National Park
·Salt Lake City
·Bryce Canyon National Park
·Zion National Park
·Grand Canyon National Park    
·Navajo Indian Reservation
·Lake Powell in Utah     
·Monument Valley
·Hollywood in Los Angeles
·Universal Studio in L.A.
·Disneyland of L.A.
·Santa Fe - famous arts center in U.S.A.
·Santa Fe - famous arts center in the world  
traveling in the world
·I was in New Zealand
·Traveling in North Island of NZ
·Traveling in South Island of NZ
·Frenchy Impression
traveling in china
·My Homeland Yang Zhou' Guide
·The sky of South Asia
·My traveling footprint in China
·Las Vergs
·Standford University
·The Golden Gate Bridge
·Silicon Valley
·Hearst Castle
·17 miles
·Santa Barbara
·My hair style
·Albuquerque Silhouette
·Casino in San Diego
·L.A. Arts Museum
·Balboa Park   
·Mt. Helix    
·No.15 High way
·Encinitas beach
·Mission bay and Dog beach  
·Apple pie Town in Ca
·The thrid street of L.A.& Venice Beach
·Santa Claus



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