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Mona comes from southern China and lives in California. Her Chinese name is 周忆清. She was loaded with talent.

At age 5, she started her first Chinese painting and calligraphy lessons. At university, she majored in oil painting and graphic design. Her oil paintings combine Realism and Expressionism, a combination rarely found in the works of such a young artist. Whether she paints a portrait, a still-life, or scenery, she makes natural use of her skills, reflecting her understanding of both the European and Chinese cultures and her profound love of nature. This combination creates appealing works in terms of their visual harmonies and picturesque qualities. Some people believe this is due to her solid, all-around educational background and her keen love for her fellow humans.

Her paintings, her documentary writing on her travel experience, and her literary essays give one the feeling of a prominent artist. To collect her works at this present stage would be a wise decision, and probably a promising investment. These works of art could also be worth collecting just for one's own appreciation and enjoyment. Sooner or later this gifted young lady can be expected to become famous in one or other of the fields in which she works.



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  self-portrait of mona    

Self Portrait Of Mona


oil painting on canvas

30x40inch,2.0" high

US $ 20,000 with frame

order number:001
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Metal movement (Original)

Pastel on paper

US $480 with frame

order number:002


      Otay Lake
oil painting on canvas
36x48inch 1.5'high

US $6,900 with frame
order number:003

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  still life    

oil painting on canvas
16x20inch,1.5" high

US $2000 with frame
order number:004

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      Merry Christmas
Original ,oil painting on canvas
50x26inch,1.5" high

US $1000 with frame
order number:005


Morning treat

oil painting on canvas

order number:006


  ying zhou    
Blue tone
Oil on canvas
Original 22x28 inch

US $6000 with frame

order number:007


Pinaster ( Acrylic on paper )

US $430 with frame

14x18 inches

order number:008



Fruit (Original)   Acrylic on paper

US $ 560 with frame 
US $ 420 without frame
Order number: 009



Rose dating (Original)  Pastel

US $ 240 with frame 
Order number: 010


  ying zhou    

Gouache on paper


50x38 inch




oil painting on canvas
26x30inch,1.5" high



oil painting on canvas
20x26inch 2 high






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