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Mona is a woman from Southern China. Her Chinese name is Ying Zhou. She is talented and extraordinary, not only because of her many abilities: she is an artist, an author, a designer, and a philosopher, but also because she has such a pleasant outlook on life and she is highly developed with deep personal feelings.

At the age of 5, she started her very first Chinese painting and calligraphy lessons. At university she majored in oil painting and graphic design. Her oil paintings combine Realism and Expressionism, a combination found rarely in the works of such a young artist. Whether she paints a portrait, a still-life, or scenery, she makes natural use of her individual skills, which reflect her understanding of both the European and Chinese cultures, as well as her profound love of nature. This combination creates works which are appealing, in terms of both their visual harmonies and picturesque qualities.

Artist Statement: I learned Chinese traditional watercolor when I was 5 years old. At 11 years old I began to learn the basis of Western painting: Sketching and Gouache. From my academic experience at two universities, I have obtained a solid foundation of drawing and am skilled in realism and classicism. After studying in China, New Zealand and the United States, I began to combine the styles of Western and Oriental by the highest aesthetic integration points. Regardless of my Oil paintings, Gouache, Watercolor and Chinese paintings, they all come deeply from my concept of philosophy.

In my opinion, painting is not a competition of the realm of high technology, but rather the artists’ discernment of life to the inherent thing in the analysis way of realism, neoclassicism, as well as impressionism. Painting is not only the best with the superb painting skills, but more importantly it has the means to decrypt the philosophy of life with adept painting technologies; this is my point to reach my target of paintings in the future.


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Some people are of the opinion that this is due to her solid, all-round educational background together with her very keen love for her fellow humans.

Her paintings, her photography, her art directions, her documentary writing on her travel experience, and her literary essays, give one the feeling of a prominent artist. To collect her works at this present stage would be a wise decision, and probably a promising investment. These works of art could also be worth collecting just for one's own appreciation and enjoyment. Sooner or later this gifted young lady can be expected to become famous in one or other of the fields in which she works.

      ——Jim Morris

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