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If you can read this article,the next artist is you!
· Impressionism

How to draw Chinese watercolor



Use painter sofetware with Intuos2 to draw oil patings
· control color
· Portraits in oil
New artist's manual
· Acknowledgments
· Supports
· Drawing media
· Painting media
· Where do I start?
· Drawing and sketching
· Painting techniques
· Color and composition
· What should I paint?
· The studio
· Gallery of art
· Reference and index

莫奈的睡莲,Claude Monet
Impressionism :The essential visual guide to the Impressionist painters,and to the influences that shaped their work...
chinese watercolor
Chinese watercolor techniques,learn from here,Mona teach you how to be a new artist,the journey of a thousand miles begins with your frist step.
Portraits in oil:The model's position is your point of reference for the many hours of painting that you'll invest.Don't waste valuable painting time on a pose that isn't suitable-one that just doens't look right or one that model feels uncomfortable in.
color harmony
Color Harmony:Mastering the principles of color can be challenging for artist of any skill level.


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