I am a Fine Artist, Graphics Designer and Director- International Strategic Development (ISD). I graduated from Donghua University in China and UCSD in U.S.A., obtained triple degrees (Fine art; Mathematics joint with Economics and Chinese literature) in Art and Science both field. Sounds crazy and strange? May be. After over almost 10 years teaching experiences in China, I left my homeland to study in New Zealand for the Master Degree in Design, but this experience was also more than that: the real success is that I move to America to continue my study and settle down my new live. Imagine my friends were surprised that I change my decision to study mathematics from being an artist.
For whatever work in any field, an extensive scope of knowledge as well as robust body is indispensable. Traveling, Playing tennis, golf, even playing PC games are pleasant ways to spend my leisure.
Reengineering myself and rethinking the definition of life, this may be the time and place to reveal a secret: make myself happy. So, I set up my first personal audio show in Ximalaya FM, wrote articles in Wechat and just launched my first movie in “new economy” time.

Ying (Mona) ZHOU







2008.3.28-30 <忆清有约>大型文化交流活动 后续跟踪报道

2008.10.7 获得搜狐奥运报道一等奖。08年度海外十大明星博客。

周忆清 美国画展 系列




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祖籍苏州,出生于扬州市广陵区,现定居美国加州。英文名:Mona (蒙娜)

毕业于东华大学设计学院: 绘画设计专业
毕业于美国加州大学UCSD :数学与经济、东亚研究专业

微信公众号:搜“周忆清” 或者“monaworld”。

Email address: zyy107@gmail.com


  最喜欢的几部外国电影---<Inception>,<The Legend of 1990> ,<The Patriot> ,<The Shawshank Redemption>,<Brokeback Mountain>,<The happening>,<seven pounds>...  
            [中国画家]古代中国画,较喜爱"吴门四家"与"四僧"作品;近代,徐悲鸿(尤其是徐《少女与芙蓉》之写实油画,后来者几乎无人能及)、潘玉良的色彩静物相当不错(有凡高的笔法,莫奈的色彩)、吴冠中的超脱;当代中国油画家中,比较喜欢北派何多玲、蒋兆和、陈丹青;海派徐芒耀、港派白敬周的作品。浙美的色彩和光线都不错,中央美院注重形体和结构,老一辈从苏联留学回来的水平也都不错,然而横贯南北中西,一个仅仅具备素描底子而缺乏光和色的油画是不可能具备油画精神的,很多国内已经出名的油画家,很多过工,油画画得跟年画差不多,枉费了扎实的素描功底,这一切还是因为一批教授本身就缺乏对油画最基本的认识。 更有甚者,如今的中国艺术和学术歪风迭起,错误认为“形而上”就是艺术,认为西方抽象和恶搞“政治”就是本民族的艺术,此为文化没落之耻辱,且国内风气恶搞甚烈,尚无需计较,故而避世逍遥。

            [外国画家]在我认为,人物方面後来者无人能及拉斐尔的俊秀,库尔贝[库尔贝不无尖刻嘲讽之意地称古典主义为“装腔作势”,称浪漫主义为“无病呻吟”,倒也恰到好处。法国评论家认为: “没有库尔贝,就没有马奈;没有马奈,便没有印象主义。”]、伦勃朗、康斯博罗、戈雅、安格尔、德加、惠斯勒、萨金特、列宾、谢洛夫、克拉姆斯科依写实功夫都不错,但是我更加喜欢布格霍的新古典风格以及阿尔玛明快的色调;印象派马奈(特别喜欢他的静物)、莫奈(尤其是他的风景)十分喜欢;但就影响而言,塞尚、凡高的作品对近现代影响很大,以及米开朗基罗和罗丹的雕塑.(柯罗的风景如诗如梦)。
  Mona is a woman from Southern China. Her Chinese name is Ying Zhou. She is talented and extraordinary, not only because of her many abilities: she is an artist, an author, a designer, and a director, but also because she has such a pleasant outlook on life and she is highly developed with deep personal feelings.

At the age of 5, she started her very first Chinese painting and calligraphy lessons. At university she majored in oil painting and graphic design. Her oil paintings combine Realism and Expressionism, a combination found rarely in the works of such a young artist. Whether she paints a portrait, a still-life, or scenery, she makes natural use of her individual skills, which reflect her understanding of both the European and Chinese cultures, as well as her profound love of nature. This combination creates works which are appealing, in terms of both their visual harmonies and picturesque qualities.

Some people are of the opinion that this is due to her solid, all-round educational background together with her very keen love for her fellow humans.

Her paintings, her photography, her art directions, her documentary writing on her travel experience, and her literary essays, give one the feeling of a prominent artist. To collect her works at this present stage would be a wise decision, and probably a promising investment. These works of art could also be worth collecting just for one's own appreciation and enjoyment. Sooner or later this gifted young lady can be expected to become famous in one or other of the fields in which she works.          

                                                                                                                                      ——Jim Morris

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