Economic and Mathematics


R. E. Finance and Investment



Gov Law and Principle
Four Quadrant Model 1045 Property Glossary 字典与房地产词库 MERS
Financial Markets 1045 Top three sales tax Precis & Modys's (data cite)
Budgt and share 1005 GAAP vs IFRS Cash flow
Budget variance ORBA 1005   Top RE 2020.5 from invertopedia
4-areas-Financial Budget Variances 1005 1035 GlossaryofTerm Four Types of Real Estate
Corporate finance 137A 哥伦比亚course 1035 CBRE NYC Council speaker
Balance sheet 1005   The real deal
Cash flow 1 2 哥伦比亚 SPS RE Commercial Real Estate Dictionary
Fed invest current price 1050 Discount_cash_flow_model       2 Jane Jacobs

Stock market 哥伦比亚

Streeteasy for rental data foreclosures
1035 R.E Finance       NyGovFinance Foreclosure Process in 5 Steps
1055 R.E Feasibility Analysis    links (Assement) Nassau Country CA court for foreclosure
Zola      Property     Zoning     IndustryBuilding     
Comps   Watercharge   loopNet   Retail PropotyShark Regression
RICS     OECD        Worldbank        (worlddata) Rolling sale data  
1060 Development Process       Arcgis        Zipcolde Income Approach(1)        Income Approach(2) Mortgage bank
1080 Negotiation  《MInd and Heart Cap rate calulator CCRS
    Before you sign the lease
1095 bond and CMBS 2610 Comps Domestic bonds
1095 Stock VORNADO 2699 Capstone Business advisors
1095 bond FINRA 2635 lease Analysis (Lawpress)  
CMBS 3185 Urban Eco Development 美联储
BamSec 1070 Corp Finance  
Moody's  标普    
Online Degrees
TED edx Course Hero
Rate my professor Columbia Business Shool Chegg
linkin google data training center Chegg writting
Abc-books Grammarly  
lower and upper devision (univercity) Khanacademy Urabn dictionary
Finance calculator    
Broker licence (insurance)
 Crop Tax
Icloud Management
HP printer set up Yequeen Crop License Renew 喜马拉雅
kindle Amazon reading AQ tax 蜻蜓
inks   七牛云
Microsoft review 365 County tax assessor 税法考试与保险 原创音乐基地
Movavi (film editor)   华人长途电话卡
Maps drawing School Aid 猎头
Top art news TATE StudentAid English music download
Boardcast Training 媒体广播   中西方年鉴



Python Coding Courses



  Python 官网  
Shanbay 编程 P 图,抠图软件  练习场
自学网 小猪网查数据 腾讯文档
  vscode pycharm (code editiing)  
  CSDN 开源代码1  
  Github 开源代码2  



Mathematics and Economics



eco1——Multiple             e-book TED  HW Math-history         Math-rank
eco2--inside job UCSD Email       Math163 (1)  (2
eco3——cuyamaca   ecolab Deadline       Graduted    Imagie Math142 A (Prof)      Math142 A(others)
EcoOffering online Dropbox (share) Math142 B    (Piazzza  Studyweb  Archive   Ask )
eco100B---Tang Gradphoto (Grossmont) Math142 B (Old-edition)
Eco course list Dealmoon position Math 103/ 104 Claus M. Sorensen (中难)
Eco120B--Gordon  Stata      Software   New Parking UCSD Math100A (Ron) (Mia女) (2014)
    Math120A (2013)  (Drive)
  Math20E   pass exam Math171b Holst
Library     Why Taiwan matters Mathlab online quiz Math171A                                   Coursehero
Taiwan Film Matlab software install Math171 B           (others)
Classical Chinese     秋水              论语          蔡志忠 All books online course   Mid-reader   textbook-exams  
CHIN Study     龙纹墨影             孟子   Offering online
CHIN requirement   Egyptian fractions
CHIN course offering Exams Ucsd Contunied fractions
HIstory resourse        online Resources  
孟子                    红楼梦   History of Chinese Mathematics
列女传 2  3 4       Ming clollection 金融网 History of events math
诸子百家          史记    followship Other University History of Math Class
诗经         English         浮生六记 Ewriting—anyessay Math writing reference
南极星 Real State Exam Essay and Mathmatician source
USnews ranking colleges   JimmyHall
Facebok Mark speaking Engineering Department High-University Exams of Maths
Sourse link Jstor Structural Engneering History Hw and Solutions     2
ECO Tutor center Aerospace Engineering UCirvine